Julia Powers


Ian Davis

our story

July 2019

Ian and Julia match on Bumble. They chat about books, religion, and dogs (things they may never stop chatting about). Ian’s profile mentions Rachel Held Evans, and Julia is quick to point this out. Julia’s profile must have been OK too, because Ian is quick to ask her out. He cancels a Dungeons & Dragons game to meet Julia for coffee…which turns into other beverages…which turns into a walk around downtown.

Cue movie montage...

They hold hands at the North Carolina Museum of Art, visit the sunflowers at Dorothea Dix Park, go on road trips, meet family and friends, walk Bullet the dog, cook the same brunch every Saturday, sing karaoke, watch true crime shows, and say I love you. Ian goes overboard for Valentine’s Day. Julia finishes graduate school and finds work amidst a global pandemic.

August 2020

Ian insists on a picnic outside the North Carolina Museum of Art. Julia becomes suspicious. Ian becomes nervous. They pack a picnic basket, bring Bullet the dog, and begin to enjoy their smushed cucumber sandwiches. Ian fiddles with Bullet’s collar, turns to Julia, and asks her a question. Julia takes a second to realize there’s an engagement ring attached to Bullet’s collar. She says “yes!”

June 2021

They can’t wait to say “I do” to one another before their family, friends, and God. Ian and Julia would love for you to be part of their engagement, wedding, and marriage in whatever ways you can.
Nikkol Christiansen